Council Awards EVgo Contract

Council Awards EVgo Contract
Posted on 02/28/2019
Council Awards EVgo Contract
G. Harold Duffey, City Manager
(909) 824-6621, Ext. 259
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Council Awards EVgo Contract to Install DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Grand Terrace

GRAND TERRACE – On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, the City Council of Grand Terrace approved a lease agreement at City Hall with EVgo, operator of one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charging stations. The lease agreement allows EVgo to install two DC Quick Charge (DCQC) stations, which will allow electric vehicle owners to receive an 80% charge of their vehicle in approximately 30 minutes, compared to the 22 hours it would take for vehicle owners to charge their vehicle at home with a conventional house outlet (Level 1) or 4 hours with a Level 2 charger (240V dryer outlet).

The lease agreement for the DCQC is consistent with the City of Grand Terrace’s overall 2030 Vision, Goal 2) To protect public safety by investing in critical infrastructure. The City applied for and received two grants, one from Southcoast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) Mobile Source Reduction Program (MSRC), for $40,000 and an additional $140,000 from the Southern California Incentive Program (SCIP), which has a primary goal to assist in building California’s Electrical Infrastructure. “We are always looking for grant opportunities to augment our existing resources to ensure the citizens of Grand Terrace have access to technology and innovative programs to enhance their quality of life”. 

The City of Grand Terrace’s DCQC station should be operational in early summer 2019, according to the Plugshare mobile app. The nearest DCQC stations to Grand Terrace are 4 miles to the south, at University of California Riverside, and four miles to the north, at the Inland Center Mall. Grand Terrace’s DCQC will be a welcomed addition to the DCQC network and improve accessibility to DCQC to over 300,000 Inland Empire residents. EVgo’s DCQC/DC Fast Charging stations charge a fee for service.  Fees can be paid in two manners, through membership or per charge with use of credit card. The charging station will be located on the east side of City Hall and users will be encouraged to visit the Grand Terrace Branch Library during the brief period that their vehicle is charging. The City will continue to build the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, as it has already applied for a grant to install DCQC in local shopping centers throughout the City of Grand Terrace.

For more information, please contact City Manager, G. Harold Duffey, at 909-824-6621, ext. 259, or via email, at [email protected].

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