Mandatory Programs - AB341 and AB1826

Mandatory Commercial Recycling (AB 341) and Commercial Organics Recycling (AB 1826)

Commercial Recycling—Assembly Bill 341, passed in 2011, mandates recycling for businesses producing four or more cubic yards of solid waste per week, and multifamily dwellings of five units or more. Entities affected by this law include for profit and not for profit businesses, schools, government agencies and facilities, and multifamily residential dwellings. This commercial recycling law took effect July 1, 2012.

Under the law, Grand Terrace businesses must separate recyclables from trash and then either subscribe to the City of Grand Terrace’s recycling services provider, self-haul their recyclables, or contract with a permitted private recycler. For information about private recyclers, call (909) 889-1969.

Commercial Organics Recycling—Assembly Bill 1826, passed in 2014, mandates organic waste recycling for qualifying businesses and multifamily dwellings. The commercial organics recycling law takes effect April 1, 2016, and will be phased in over the next three years.

Following is the phased in schedule and qualifying guidelines for businesses and multifamily dwellings:

· April 1, 2016—generators of 8 or more cubic yards of organic waste per week.

· January 1, 2017—generators of 4 or more cubic yards of organic waste per week.

· January 1, 2019—generators of 4 or more cubic yards of solid waste per week.

· January 1, 2020—generators of 2 or more cubic yards of solid waste per week (if statewide disposal of organic waste is not decreased by half).

City Actions—The City of Grand Terrace is required to provide a number of programs to meet the requirements of both bills. They include a public outreach program to inform Grand Terrace businesses about the mandates, monitoring the progress of each business, notifying them if they are not in compliance, and reporting to the State.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) oversees both the mandatory commercial recycling program and the mandatory commercial organics recycling program.

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