Southern California Edison (800) 655-4555
Smart energy savings can be found all over the Home and Workplace. SCE has tips on conservation and information about rebates and consumption on their website. SCE has additional information on Rotating Outage Procedures, CAISO Emergency Fact Sheet and Summer Conservation Tips.

Southern California Gas Company (800) 427-2200
Save energy and money in your home all year round with Southern California Gas Company's collection of helpful tips and information. http://www.socalgas.com/for-your-home/buyers-guide/

Riverside Highland Water Company (909) 825-4128
Riverside Highland Water Company encourages all customers and shareholders to help conserve water. Some conservation tips can be found on their website http://rhwco.com/waterconservation.asp

Burrtec Waste Industries Inc. (909) 889-1969
Residential and Commercial Trash Collection
Overflowing Dumpster
Uncollected Trash, Recycling

Time Warner Cable/ Phone / Television (888) 892-2253

AT&T Telephone and Internet (800) 288-2020
AT&T Customer Service for Existing Customers:

Verizon (800) 483-2000
http://west.frontier.com and in Spanish here

DIRECTV (800) 288-2020


Small Wireless Facilities

The City has recently adopted a policy to regulate small wireless facilities (SWF) within road right of ways. Click HERE to view.

The application and checklist is under the document section of the City website. Click HERE to view.