City of Grand Terrace City Hall

City Government

Grand Terrace is a General Law City incorporated in 1978. The City is governed by an elected Mayor and four City Council members. Click below to learn more about local governance.

City Poem

O, Terrace, my Terrace a small town with heart;
So lovely, so lively, a city apart.
With people who love you, who make up your core,
And leaders who guide you, protect you, and more.
Blue Mountain looks over neat houses and lawn,
And so this sweet haven that's yet in its dawn.
Green orchards and farmland still guard us from noise,
Our jewel of the Southland, secure in its poise.
O, Terrace, my Terrace, I feel so at ease,
In comfort and beauty, midst mountain and trees.
The city I've wanted now shines in our land;
You're my special home place -
-- you've earned the name, "Grand".

~ Thomas Federich Teorey