Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupation permits are intended to provide for "commercial uses" associated with a residence in those cases where that use will clearly not alter the character or the appearance of the residential environment. Click here for Home Occupation Permit Application.

Permitted Home Occupations:

  • Office uses, when the residence is used for purposes of receiving mail, telephone calls and bookkeeping.
  • Office uses such as, but no limited to gardening, contracting, consulting and sales.
  • Professional occupations such as as real estate, insurance, law and medical, when in a residence is used only for bookkeeping and all business activities with personal contact with clients and or patients are done at a different location.

Prohibited Home Occupations:

  • Businesses such as, but are not limited to beauty shops, machine shops, repair of motor vehicles and massage parlors.

What do I need before I start a Home Business?

  • Home Occupation Permit (HOP) The HOP may be obtained through the Community Development Department. There is a one time fee of fifty (50) dollars for the permit and a fourteen (14) day review period.
  • Floor Plan One (1) copy of a complete floor plan of your residence indicating the location and size of your office.
  • Letter of Intent This letter must clearly explain the nature of your business. Not all home-based businesses will qualify for a Home Occupation Permit.
  • Business License A business license may be obtained through the Finance Department. There is an annual fee for the license that is based on your gross annual receipts.

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